Government funding



The application of Art. 10 of the WUA and the Ordinance on the financing of institutions in the system of preschool and school education, adopted by Decree № 219 of the Council of Ministers of 2017 (promulgated, SG, file 81 of 2017) establish the following: Private schools and children's kindergartens included in the system of state funding receive funds according to standards for the institution, for the class and for the number of children and students enrolled in the school; It is the obligation of the private schools included in the system of state funding to provide an opportunity for free education for 20 percent of the students admitted to them, including students with outstanding gifts and / or special educational needs (SEN). According to para. 5 of the above-cited article, the admission of these students is carried out at the beginning of each educational degree under conditions and by order, determined in the Regulations for the activity of the respective institution; In the implementation of compulsory pre-school education, the opportunity for free education should be provided every school year to the children admitted to compulsory pre-school age; The obligation arises from the school year, which begins in the calendar year of inclusion of the school in the system of state funding. For FPMHS the inclusion is from the calendar and financial year 2022;

Art. 122 of NFISPU specifies the method for determining the number of students studying for free, and it is established that the number is determined before the beginning of each school year for the first grade of each of the levels of education; For the first year of inclusion in the state funding system, the legally established minimum threshold of 20 percent is formed by the total number of children admitted to the preparatory group and the total number of students admitted to the first grade of school education in the school year. . The distribution of free children and students in classes and groups is at the discretion of the school; Private kindergartens and schools prepare and submit to the municipality through which they receive state funding, monthly and quarterly reports on the funds received and spent from the state budget for the activities of education and training of children and students; For the purposes of the selection under Art. 10, para. 4 of the WUA, in the Regulations for the activity of the private institution the criteria for determining the gifted children and students can be expanded, as well as inclusion in the free admission of children with SEN.