Adelina Dorovska and Eva Nikolova from the 8th grade of FPMHS achieved the highest result in their category and won the gold and the first two special prizes in the International Copernicus Olympiad, which took place at the end of January 2023 in Houston, USA. 

The two qualified for participation in the world round of the Olympics in the USA after gold and bronze in the eliminations in Bulgaria in November 2022. 
Their knowledge of physics and astronomy was acquired in the school at FPMHS, which they both attend as an extracurricular activity.
Together with participants from 17 other countries, Eva and Adelina visited the NASA space center in Houston and waved the Bulgarian flag at the two universities hosting the event. 
Besides the great success and recognition for Bulgaria, Eva and Adi gained many new friendships and unforgettable experiences. During their visit to NASA, they were overtaken by a real tornado. They glorified the Bulgarian rose and the Bulgarian needlework in front of the other participants during the official dinner and award ceremony.
Congratulations on this international success of our girls!