It is with sorrow that we announce that our highly respected and beloved Eng. Mariana Vlachkova, founder of Pythagoras Primary School, Pythagoras Primary School and director and founder of FPMHS.


For admission of children and students in the First Private Mathematical High School without paying a tuition fee

On the grounds of art. 10, para 4 of ZPUO and of art. 109, para. 2 of the Ordinance for financing the institutions in the pre-school and school education, First Private Mathematical High School announces the following conditions and order for admission of students without payment of tuition fee:

Art. 1. (1) The present rules, called for short the "Rules", regulate the mechanism for admission of students from school classes without payment of tuition fees, including the criteria, indicators and the period for granting, as well as the procedure for submitting the application documents.

(2) The rules have been developed in connection with the requirements of the Ordinance for financing of the institutions in the system of the pre-school and school education and shall be applied at inclusion of the school in the system of state financing of the private schools.

(3) The rules shall be adopted by the Management Board of First Private Mathematical High School Ltd.

(4) The training fee shall include the expenses indicated in art. 53 and Art. 54 of the Rules of Procedure of the school.

Art. 2. Criteria for determining the students from school classes who can benefit from the right to exemption from tuition fees are:

  • Students with a high score in the entrance exams and tests at school.

  • Students with a high score in the math competition "Mathematical Challenges".

  • Students with high results from national and international mathematical olympiads and competitions.

  • Gifted students.

  • Students with one parent or without a parent.

  • Students of teachers and school staff on the first and second straight line of kinship.

  • Siblings of children and students attending the school.

  • Students from large families.

Art. 3. Procedure for admission of students exempt from tuition fees: (1) The parents of the students who meet the conditions under Art. 2, submit Statement according to a sample within the terms of the admission procedure of the school.

  1. To Statement the following documents shall apply:

  • Documents certifying participation in competitions, contests and Olympiads, including diplomas, certificates and prizes.

  • Birth certificate of each of the children in large families.

  • Death certificate of a parent.

  1. The application and the accompanying documents are considered by a Commission composed of: manager of "First Private Mathematical High School" Ltd., director, deputy director, head teacher and chief accountant.

  2. The Commission has the right to request additional documents and information regarding the family, socio-economic and health situation of the child applying for tuition free of charge.

  3. An application for exemption from the tuition fee is submitted at the beginning of each educational degree.

Art. 4. The terms and conditions for admission of students studying without paying a tuition fee for each school year are published on the school's website by September 15 of the calendar year coinciding with the beginning of the school year.

Art. 5. Applications for exemption from tuition fees are accepted until October 1 of the calendar year coinciding with the beginning of the school year.

Art. 6. The number of students who are exempt from tuition fees is determined at the beginning of the school year and is published on the school's website by September 15.

Art. 7. Following a decision of the Commission, validated by order of the Director, an additional annex to the Training Contract is signed with the parents / guardians of the approved students who are exempted from the tuition fee, in which the new conditions are regulated.

Art. 8. The Commission's decision is not subject to appeal or objection.

You can download the scholarship application HERE.