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Mission and Goals


Dear students, present and future,

I'm sure the process of  education only begins in school because modern man  learns throughout his life. At First Private Mathematical High School we will help you make the first step with more confidence, we will guide you through the secrets of science and arts, we will immerse you in the traditions of our people  and I believe that together we will discover that priceless gift that each of you carries within. We understand our mission precisely in the discovery of that individual value and unique gift of man, which makes him useful for society and for himself. We will help our students to be successful young people, we will awaken their desire for development and self-improvement.

In the dynamically changing modern world, our school is evolving over time and finds the latest methods to awaken the desire of every student to seek and discover the age-old values ​​in knowledge and skills to apply them in practice to build a better and a happy future.

For us, education is a responsible task  and we see in every child  an infinite universe in which all the planets move precisely and accurately, creating a cosmic harmony. Children must grow up healthy and joyous, happy, loved and loving. They must accept and abide by the rules on which the human community is based, believe in and respect the eternal values ​​of civilization.

Alongside parental love  and dedicated care our aim is to create  those optimal conditions in which the little man to become a worthy modern person with  a desire for constant spiritual growth.

Dear students, we believe in you and your abilities, believe in us too and together we will turn your everyday student life into a wonderful adventure.

Eng. Mariana Vlachkova
Founder of FPMHS 

Leader in the field of private specialized education

The intensified mathematical training, which creates a real prerequisite for school realization in all colleges and universities, is a guarantee for the rise of the school and its establishment in the capital's education as the first private school with intensive mathematical education.
Using the rich experience of our high-performing elite teachers, the school is constantly evolving.

Our mission is our children ...
  • To grow up healthy and happy;
  • To be able to study and work independently and in an original way;
  • To be polite and friendly to each other and to the elderly;
  • To follow the rules set by the class and the school;
  • To win math competitions;
  • To speak English fluently.
Our main priorities for the successful development of the school are:
  • To continue the tradition of non-commercialism in the existence of the school, in order to attract quality students, mainly from families with average social status and the implementation of an uncompromising and quality educational process.
  • Introduction of higher criteria for real assessment, abstracted from paid training.
  • Permanent retention of students' interest in classes in all subjects through well-planned and intensive class work, consistent with the age characteristics of students and their ambitions for future realization.
Tailored in volume and difficulty independent preparation for each day, for each term, for each school year:
  • Strict observance of the rules for students' behavior in view of the new requirements of the normative base and creation of a value system of the students for successful counteraction to the negative influence on the street and other existing phenomena of risky nature offered by the adolescent society.
  • Strong development of extracurricular activities with students through their involvement in local, national and international projects, sports and language schools, travel with geographical and historical cognitive purpose, participation in mathematical competitions and Olympiads to form knowledgeable, intelligent and high moral and patriotic qualities in young people.
Areas of realization - where do students go after graduating from the school:
  • After 7th grade: 25% at the American College Sofia
  • 20% in Sofia Mathematical High-School
  • 20% in language high schools (German high school, French high school, Spanish high school)
  • 35% continue their education in our own high school




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