Congratulations to our participant Nikola Tsachev from the 12th grade.

During the European Year of Youth 2022, each Commissioner conducts a dialogue with 12 young people on leading topics from the department. These youth dialogues are one of their 8 key initiatives within the Year. European Commissioner Maria Gabriel welcomed the young people to Brussels, among whom was our twelfth grader Nikola Tsachev. Here is what she shared on her Facebook profile:

"Today I had the pleasure of conducting my dialogue with young people from all over Europe whom I invited to Brussels. The topic - "Science and innovation in school - the role of young people". I am glad that among them was the Bulgarian representative Nikola Tsachev - a student at the First Private Mathematical High School in Sofia.

Our discussion was charged with energy, interesting questions and shared ideas about the future of education, innovation and science in Europe.

I encouraged the youth to be active and share their ideas for the development of European programs so that with their youth perspective we can make these programs more successful. Our ambition is for the European Year of Youth to have its legacy by building on the initiatives beyond 2022. And young people are the driving force behind this."

Participation of FPMHS in the European Year of Youth.