Extracurricular activities
English language school

First Private Mathematical High School offers two types of English language courses:

  • preparation for certification exams - PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL;
  • courses that help for faster and more effective language acquisition in beginners and not yet advanced enough.

It is possible to move from a lower level course to a higher one, depending on the child's abilities.

School of Mathematics

The school of mathematics includes students with outstanding mathematical abilities and a strong interest in mathematics, divided into age groups and school years (5th to 12th grade). They prepare for participation in national and international competitions.

Classes at the school are aimed at:

  • Mastering and applying basic methods for solving tasks of a competitive nature;
  • Formation of competitive spirit;
  • Building students' faith in their own strengths.

Mathematics school classes are held once a week (3 hours) by teachers with experience in preparing competitors in maths..

Visits to the school of mathematics are free for students of FPMHS. On the fourth visit, a control visit is made and 15 children from each age group are elected.

School of Informatics

In the 2019/2020 school year First Private Mathematical High School and the software company Mobi Systems continue their joint initiative - a school of computer science.

The school is suitable for all students from 5th to 12th grade who are interested in informatics, IT and communication technologies.

What do we offer?

  • Courses on competitive programmingapplied programmingprogramming for mobile devices
  • Work in small groups - up to 15 students
  • Modern pedagogical approaches
  • Individual approach to each student
  • Timely feedback on each student's achievements
  • Meetings and consultations with specialists from MobiSystems
  • Meetings and consultations with former contestants in informatics and information technologies
  • Access to many learning resources and activities through the FPMHS e-learning system
  • Summer camp-schools
  • … and many others!

CCNA Routing and Switching Program

CCNA Routing and Switching is the latest CCNA program from SISCO Network Academies. The program introduces the basics of computer networks and their administration by considering concepts such as physical and logical organization of a computer network, IPv4 and IPv6, wireless networks, security, routing protocols.
The four-semester program prepares students to successfully take a unified international certification CCNA test.

School of Mathematical Linguistics

Mathematical linguistics uses mathematical and logical means to solve language problems. From the academic year 2011-2012. There is a school of mathematical linguistics in FPMHS, divided into two age groups 5th to 7th grade and 8th to 10th grade.

The main goal is to prepare students for participation in mathematical linguistics competitions. Classes are held once a week (2 hours) and are led by Veselin Zlatilov, a longtime mathematics teacher, who has contributed to the training of talented mathematicians.

Visits to the School of Mathematical Linguistics are free for FPMHS students. On the fourth visit, an exam is held and 15 children from each age group are determined.

School of Astronomy

The main goal of the astronomy school is to prepare students for participation in the National Astronomy Olympiad.

Also, the main emphasis is on the enrichment of the general culture and their knowledge in the field of space sciences. The material on which the school is held follows the program for the National Olympiad in Astronomy.
Pupils attending the school can participate freely in other competitions related to astronomy. They can participate in various types of observations of celestial phenomena.
The school is designed for all interested students from 5th to 12th grade. Their division into groups is according to their age, as follows: 5th-6th grade, 7th-8th grade, 9th-10th grade and 11th-12th grade.

The school of astronomy is run by Nikola Karavasilev.

Sports school

Sports activities create a lot of emotions in students, form physical qualities and psyche, strengthen the health of the child's body, intensify its resistance to disease and increaseworking capacity in learning. That's why sports in FPMHS is widely studied and practiced and is a major tool for versatile student development!

Basketball is a game with a high emotional charge. The requirements to the intellectual, moral and volitional qualities of the competitors are high. The fast solving of complex game situations is unthinkable without initiative, determination, a sense of duty, collectivism, sports ethics, fair play.
Everything said so far shows that the basketball game creates conditions for multifaceted expression of personality. It is not only a tool for sports improvement, but also for multifaceted physical and mental development.
Basketball sports classes in FPMHS are held at a convenient time for students (after school) in the school hall. They last 80 minutes and are tailored to the age, sports and physical capabilities of those involved.
Students are divided into different small groups by gender and age, and are guided by Nestor Marinov - Master of Basketball and coach of all teams in FPMHS.
The basketball teams of FPMHS - girls and boys are multiple zonal and regional champions in their ages and participants in the finals of the city championship in Sofia.
Future FPMHS basketball players should love playing with the orange ball and be willing to train. Our motto is: "COME AND TRY WITH US!"

Football is a unique game! It makes you feel good!! To feel the emotion of victory and to carry on a smile for a long time after the game!
We all need the support of someone, someone who is going to be by our side, and someone who will make you feel a sense of belonging!.
We love the aesthetics of football, we love the athletics and the movement of players, we love the way the ball moves the ball, our emotions !!!
Everything is so real. One aim and you give it all you got for it. You forget everything and you are and you fight, you never give up! You know that your hard work is rewarded, everything accumulates and the best men win. You respect the work of others because you know what effort you have made.
The football school in FPMHS was established by such a heartfelt specialist - our deputy. director Kostadin Radev - a longtime player of Levski (with Gundi) and a football figure in the Bulgarian Football Union.
Classes are held at a convenient time for students and last 80 minutes, with students divided into different age groups. An excellent terrain of Sportna Sofia is provided in the immediate vicinity of FPMHS.
The football teams in FPMHS are regional and zonal champions, and in 2012 we achieved the greatest success so far - participation in the top 6 of all of Sofia at the city championship.

Currently, the football school is led by specialists from the "Lavchetata" football club.

School of Applied Arts

The Applied Arts Workshop is a place where children acquire different skills, experimenting with different materials and techniques, learn to concentrate, recharge and awaken their potential and creativity. By creating art with their own hands, children gain self-confidence, confidence in their abilities and master their excess energy, channeling it into a creative activity. Imagination is what can take you wherever you want, so in parallel with our preliminary program, we give the child the opportunity to realize their own ideas and fantasies, guiding them and introducing them to non-standard techniques and styles of work.

Our main goals are to introduce the child to the world of art, to teach them patience, perseverance and love for creativity, to cultivate in them a sense of beauty, perfection and aesthetics, to develop their need to communicate with art.

"The child is not a vessel to be filled, but a torch to be lit" Socrates

Branimira Georgieva /art teacher/

School Trips

The education and upbringing in our school is not only in the classrooms, because the real life is in the journey, in the discovery, in the new experiences, in the variety of emotions. Every journey is adventure, wealth and knowledge. And for us the most desirable are the spring camps in nature and excursions to various natural and cultural landmarks, historical sites and scientific institutions.

 Our visit to CERN, where Bulgarian scientists welcomed us, showed us around, immersed us completely in the world of elementary particles, was unforgettable. Our imagination was unleashed, the flight of fantasy unruly, and we were transported in the moment of the Big Bang.

Ljubljana, Geneva, Annecy, Montreux, Vevey, Milan, Verona, Venice, Zagreb… Landscapes, colors, laughter, merriment accompanied us all the time.

The annual trips around the beautiful corners of the country prove in practice Vazov's enthusiastic words: "Fatherland kind, how beautiful you are!"

Spring school trips

Traditional spring camps are becoming real laboratories for conducting lessons in and around nature.

Games… fun… dancing… hiking… sports… star gaze… lessons… friendships… love… exciting moments among the vast worlds of science, art, nature and… MEMORIES FOREVER!

Summer camps

Summer language camp of FPMHS

Since 2013, FPMHS has been organizing a summer camp aimed at further developing the language and presentation skills of its middle school students. The camp is held in Bulgaria at the beginning of July and lasts for one week. The students are accommodated in a hotel far from the big city, where for the most part of the day there are workshop, including  presentation of a topic on which students, who are divided into groups, make presentations. The topics are different every day, as well as the composition of the groups. Teachers of English and information technology help students organize their ideas and create their own original presentations in English.

The morning session is focused on  brainstorming on the given topic, defining the teams and searching for information from reliable resources. Students work on their laptops, and teachers give them advice on how to show critical thinking skills in selecting information and sources.  

The afternoon session is divided into two parts - self-preparation of the teams for presentations and physical activity under the guidance of a coach. The third session of the day - the presentation, begins after dinner.  Each team presents its project to the other participants and to a jury composed of teachers. All spectators evaluate the presentations of each group according to pre-set criteria, and at the end of the session the winner of today's task is announced.

In addition to the daily competitions for the presentation, there are other competitions that are announced in advance, and the winners are announced on the last day, when the participants receive their certificates and prizes. The summer camp of FPMHS is a useful and pleasant practice, an inspiring teamwork.

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