It is with sorrow that we announce that our highly respected and beloved Eng. Mariana Vlachkova, founder of Pythagoras Primary School, Pythagoras Primary School and director and founder of FPMHS.



Health for Body

Health for Body is the latest international project with the Erasmus + logo, in which FPMHS participates in the role of school coordinator. Together with the high schools that are our partners, St. John Paul II (Lithuania), Balvi Vocational and General Education High School (Latvia), Arp Alslan Anadolski High School (Turkey), Tourism High School (Italy) and Dante Alighieri High School “(Romania) we have set ourselves the task of introducing our students to the possibilities of leading a healthy lifestyle, in which nutrition and physical activity play a key role.

Health For Body

Responsible Travel

"Responsible Traveler Values ​​the Diversity of Cultures, People and Environment" according to the program Erasmus + is an international project involving four schools from four different countries - Czech Republic, Slovenia, Lithuania and Bulgaria and focuses on teaching participants how to travel responsibly, while respecting the nature and culture of the place they are visiting. 

DofE International Award

"The International Award of the Duke of Edinburgh (called the Award for short) is a leading international youth program for personal development and achievement. Participants compete with themselves, challenging their own beliefs of what they are capable of and how far they can go. By achieving their goals, young people develop skills and qualities that last a lifetime.


weSPOT is a four-year (2012 - 2015) research project funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission. Its main purpose is to support the application of the research method of teaching science by developing a pedagogical model for learning through research and its corresponding technological environment for implementation -