Our graduates will have the opportunity to meet world-renowned scientists,
working in the field of informatics and artificial intelligence at the First Conference,
organized by the Institute for Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Technologies
(INSAIT), which will be held in the period September 30 - October 1 in the "John
Atanasov" - "Sofia Tech Park". The event is under the motto "Emerging Trends in AI and
Computing Research" (Emerging trends in artificial intelligence and computing
research), and the aim is to present the latest and most exciting advances in
the field of scientific research that will fundamentally change technology through
the following years. Students will be able to build on their interests by drawing
information from the luminaries of science creating future innovations and technologies.
The conference is an important step of INSAIT in support of its long-term strategy to
encourages and retains young Bulgarian talents in the country and to fight against
the emigration of qualified personnel.
"INSAIT believes that Bulgarian children have enormous talent, but to be at the top,
they must have access to global science and innovation from an early age. That's why
INSAIT invites all students who are interested in exact sciences to attend the first one
technical conference in Bulgaria completely free of charge", says Prof. Martin Vechev -
architect of INSAIT.
In turn, the co-founder and partner of the First Private Mathematical High School and CCHO
"Pythagoras" - Eng. Mihail Krastev, expressed his satisfaction with the excellent cooperation
with Prof. Martin Vechev, which, he believes, marked the beginning of a long-term success
cooperation between the two institutions for the sake of the successful future of the talents of
FPMHS. “The relationship between secondary education and “deep” science provides a horizon of
our students, gives high motivation in their daily work and an opportunity to see
dreams come true I believe that the interaction between INSAIT and FPMHS will create
model for the relationship between secondary and higher education that will be
followed by many other participants in the educational process," he adds before the start of
the forum Eng. Mihail Krastev.
At the event, students will meet world-renowned scientists such as Dr. Rupak Majumdar,
director at Max Planck, Dr. Dragomir Angelov, director of research
of Waymo (Google's autonomous car), Prof. Virginia Vasilevska Williams, professor of
theory and algorithms at MIT and inventor of the fastest multiplication algorithm
matrices in the world, etc. In addition to drawing inspiration from the scientists, they will also be able to
familiar with presentations on key topics such as machine learning, computer vision,
autonomous cars, cybersecurity, natural language processing, languages ​​for
programming, cryptography and more.
The Institute for Computer Sciences, Artificial Intelligence and Technologies, located in Sofia,
is the first in Eastern Europe to offer world-class working conditions,
matching those in leading Western universities and institutes. He is

structured as a special unit at the Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
and was created in partnership with Switzerland's ETH Zurich and EPFL, two of the best
technological universities in the world. Leading scientists from top American, European and
Israeli universities, and research laboratories, lead and advise the institute.
INSAIT's main focus is on scientific excellence: world-class research,
attracting outstanding international scientists, training the next
generation of students and technology leaders.
Detailed information and program of the conference: https://conf.insait.ai/