С прискърбие ви съобщаваме, че ни напусна нашата многоуважаема и обичана инж. Марияна Влъчкова, основател на ЧНУ "Питагор", ЧОУ "Питагор" и директор и основател на ПЧМГ.


Responsible Travel

Пътувай отговорно и цени разнообразието от хора, култури и природна среда.

От тази учебна година ученици от 8, 9 и 11 клас участват в проект “Responsible Traveller Values the Diversity of Cultures, People and Environment” по програмата Erasmus+.

Това е международен проект, в който участват четири училища от четири различни държави – Чехия, Словения, Литва и България и се занимава с това да научи участниците как да пътуват отговорно, уважавайки природата и културата на мястото, което посещават. Най-интересна част от проекта са пътуванията – по едно до всяка от държавите, в което участниците се събират и прекарват заедно шест дни, опознавайки държавата-домакин.

На 8.05.2016 седем ученици от 11 клас и един от 9 заминахме за град Румбурк, Чехия, където прекарахме общо една седмица. Запознахме се с останалите участници в проекта и научихме как живеят хората в едно 11 хилядно чешко градче. Безспорно най-вълнуващо беше тридневното пътуване до Национален парк “Бохемска Швейцария“. Освен близо целодневните походи по различните пътеки из парка, там трябваше собственоръчно да си готвим (и съответно носим) храната и да спим две вечери на палатки. Цялото пътешествие беше доста голямо предизвикателство, но в крайна сметка беше и едно много удовлетворяващо преживяване.

Тази есен предстои следващото пътуване по проекта, като този път домакин е нашето училище. Надяваме се, да се подготвим толкова добре, че нашите партньори да останат доволни от приключението си в България.

Елена Симеонова, 11 клас.

Responsible Travel Bulgaria 2016

Stanislava Dimitrova

Before the arrival of our guests, I imagined that the mobility would be exciting, full of new people and opportunities to get to know them. It fulfilled these expectations, exceeding them, even – we got along with our guests excellently and had a lot of fun together.

In terms of abiding by the ten principles of responsible traveling, we did well. The mobility was largely focused on supporting local business (6), thinking about the environment (5), and being part of the group (9). We ate only local food, bought hand-made souvenirs, stayed together as a group (even if we split up into two in the end), and traveled eco-friendly to Vitosha and back. We managed to follow the other principles well enough, too.

The best part has to be the last night dancing at Vitosha – everybody having a go at different music and style of dance, all having a good time. It would have been better if more people had joined in, though. Exploring new games and customs for the next mobility would have also been exciting, and I do look forward to seeing what the next mobility could offer in those terms.

Yana Hartarska

At first, I wasn’t recorded for the project, but when I realized there is a place for me I thrilled. My expectations were to explore different traditions and meet new people. Exceed my expectations I made new friendships, had fun and amazing memories.

I think that the whole group abided the 10 principles of responsible travel during this week. The mobility has been focused on three principles: support the local businesses, think about the environment, be part of the group.

By supporting the local business everyone in the Bulgarian group took care of producing local foods and drinks like mousaka, airan and etc. Responsible means think about the environment. I think we all (ex. Vitosha) kept the mountain clean. And last we all had different interesting games where I felt like a part of a group.

The best activities were the ones which we made a strange sound trying not to laugh. Sure I was one of the first that started laughing and couldn’t stop until the end. It was unforgettable week with amazing people, that I will always remember.

Lora Manolova

I was dreaming about the upcoming project and how I was going to meet lots of new people and hopefully make friendships… then suddenly Mom woke me up and I found myself back to reality again. The dream was really nice because I had many expectations.

It was the first day of the project and I was super excited. As always, I didn’t know where we were meeting, but finally I found everyone packed up in the small biology cabinet in our school. Me and my Bulgarian friends presented the presentations we had done and played some interesting games in order to introduce ourselves. Over the next two days, we walked our guests around our capital, Sofia and I was really satisfied as I made lots of new friendships. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to the 3-day trip to Vitosha mountain.


Through our time in Sofia, we fulfilled plenty of the principles of responsible traveling and I definitely felt like a part of the group. We supported the local business, protected the environment and everyone was accepted into the group. One of the best things we did following the principles was that we served our guests traditional Bulgarian lunch.

I really liked the trip around Sofia, because I made real friendships with girls from The Czech Republic and Lithuania. However, I would like to have more free time with my new friends on our next trip, which I am really looking forward to!

Vanissia Tzarvenkova

All Bulgarians were excited and nervous about the foreign students’ arrival. We didn’t know what their attitude would be and if our preparation would fulfill their expectations. Happily, we got along pretty well and quickly felt like a part of the group.  

The time we spent teaching the foreign students how to write their names in Bulgarian, playing games and presenting small plays, showing the 10 principles of responsible travel let us get to know each other better. Among all Bulgarian meals the foreigners mostly liked the tarator, but were quite suspicious to the boza. Still, they ate everything we offered them.

The journey in Vitosha was the part I liked the best. The way up and down was long and it gave us time to talk and find even more things we have in common. In the hut, we played some more competing games till twilight. My most favorite part was the dance party in the evening when we showed and learned traditional dances and songs from all four countries, but added some modern music too.

There really isn’t a thing I want to change about our adventure. I simply wish it could have lasted longer.

Andrea Mazgaleva

I had been looking forward to that week since the beginning of the summer. Mostly, my expectations were to meet new friends and explore new traditions. However, I received a lot more than that. I made new friendships and new amazing memories with these awesome people.

I am on the opinion that every single one of us tried at their best to abide by the 10 principles. What is more, that particular mobility had been focused on three of those principles: support the local businesses, think about the environment, be part of the group.

To begin with, “responsible” means keeping the environment clean. That is the main aspect and I think it was strictly followed by all of us. As for supporting locals, the Bulgarian group tried to provide as much as possible locally produced food such as ayran, moussaka, tarator and others. Concerning the third main principle, there were many activities in which I certainly felt as a part of a team.

The best activities were the ones in which we had to choose ourselves whom we want to work with. Moreover, I would like to have had more free time to bond with my new friends. Probably more dancing activities would be best! I am definitely looking forward to the next mobility!